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Deburring & Surface Preparation

We provide equipment for all types of deburring and surface finish applications and are particularly knowledgeable when it comes to finishing close tolerance, precision machined parts. If your tolerances are .0002” to .005” we can help with your deburring problems. We have a full line of deburring and surface finishing equipment that will bring the latest technology to your shop floor. The capabilities of our equipment are best utilized when matched to the primary method of fabrication. Some of the major categories are listed below.


Equipment supplied by Otec or MFI is best suited for deburring, finishing or polishing stamped parts. The burrs and surfaces produced tolerate rigorous and aggressive removal rates, both of which can be achieved with either Otec or MFI equipment. Let us process sample parts so you can see the results.

Precision Machining

Close tolerance and delicate parts such as those fabricated on Swiss lathes need special processing to avoid damage to critical features yet effectively deburr sharp edges. There are a number of considerations when recommending the right deburring method for these products such as part geometry, surface finish requirement, throughput, and tolerances, just to name a few. The determination of which equipment is best for your products can be made by working with our technical staff who will evaluate the parts and recommend a processing method. The precision equipment from Comco, Otec, or MFI can be matched to your exact needs and samples can be submitted so you will have results based on your actual parts.

General Machining

Larger parts produced on conventional and CNC equipment usually feature multiple surfaces and edges. Often tool exit burrs are irregular and quite resistant to fast and complete removal. Our experience with MFI, Burr King, and Empire equipment can solve your finishing or deburring problems with these types of parts. Our technical staff can quickly make a recommendation that could reduce costs and improve yields.

Injection Molding / Die Casting

Flash, caused by poor match or die wear, creates a completely different set of challenges compared to stamped or machined parts. Removing flash and leaving a continuous surface that looks homogeneous are problems that Empire, MFI, Comco, Burr King, or Otec equipment are capable of solving. Should your flash problem be associated with over-molding, parting lines, or dimensional issues, we can help.

EDM & Laser

These precision cutting processes leave visible burrs, slag, and re-melt surfaces that are difficult to remove. Our expertise, combined with Comco, Empire, or MFI equipment, is the right match for the challenge.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an operation necessary to prepare the surface of parts prior to the application of a coating, prior to bonding, or to acquire a specific finished look. Meticulous and thorough preparation of the surface is critical to achieving a quality finished product.


Polishing is the process of smoothing metal surfaces, often to a high luster, by rubbing the surface with fine abrasives through a number of polishing methods. Many times, laborious hand buffing processes can be improved by the use of centrifugal polishing equipment.